All Dances:

1 Dance with U

1 Way Ticket

15 Minutes

18 Wheeler

2B Missing

2 Many Mondays

4 A Good Time

4 In the Morning

A Big Girl Now

A Bit Lit

A Cincinatti Fireball

A Country High

A Dreamers Waltz

A Few Changes

A Honey Do

A Honky Tonk Highway

A Kiss 4 Me

A Little Love Worth Waiting 4

A Little Bitty Baby

A Little Love Storm

A Lotta Bad Habits

A Love Worth Waiting 4

A Love Storm

A Love Worth Waiting 4 Partners

A Mini Cincinatti Fireball

A Proud Man


AB One

AB Two

AB Three

AB Four

AB Five

AB Kiss Me


Ain't Nothin' You Can Do

Amica Mia

Amica Vera

Amor de Rumba

An Old Friend


Baby Pains

Back in the Country Again

Bad Things


Be Boll - EZ

Be Your Hero

Behind Closed Doors

Big Dawg

Boogy Boogy

Boogie Man

Brand New Girlfriend

Broken Chains

Built 4 Bluejeans


But It's Only Make-Believe


Cha-cha Por Tu

Cherokee Boogie

Chikin' Man

Choo Choo

Choo Choo 2

Ciao Amici

Clap for the Wolfman

CM Rendezvous

Cold Beer

Come Friday

Country Boogie

Country Dancin' Machine

Devil's Got Your Boyfriend

Diamante Waltz

Dig a Little Deeper

Do It Down South

Doing It (To Country Songs)

Doodah Hustle

Drinkin' Man


Fast Forward

Father Time

Fiddle on the Wall

Fill in the Blank

Fine, So Fine

Gecko Tango

Going 2 Pot

Good Lookin'

Good Ride Cowboy

Got Lonely Too Early


Gude Directions

Hard to Stop a Train

He Put It There


Hello Jo

Her Destiny

Hey, Hey, J.J.

Hillbilly Boogie

Holy Smoke

Hooked On It

Hoosier Daddy

I'm In Love

I'm Lonely

I'm Telling You Now

I've Loved You Since Forever

I Don't Know What She Said

I Loved Her First

I Wanna Kiss You Baby

Into Nightfall

Island Dream

Jamakin' Luv

Just a Two Steppin'

Language of Love

Language of Love For Two

Let there Be Peace

Look So Good

Looking Back to See

Love U Tonight


Mama's Kisses

Mary Jo's Waltz

Many Tears Ago

Meat and Potato Man


Monster Mash

Must Be The Whiskey

Next Big Thang

Nothing on but the Radio

Oh Judy

Olde Song


Only A Fool

Pega Pega

Ping Pong

Play Something Country

Playing the Part

Pony Up

Prairie Chicken

Redneck Rock

Robin Rock

Save a Horse

Shame & Scandal Lite


Sleigh Bells Ring

Slow Poke


Some Assembly Required

Someday Maybe

Something Big

Southside Stomp

Sparkle & Shine

Sparkle & Shine EZ

Sparks HD

Stay-n Alive

Straight Up Country


Sway Me Now

Too Much Blood

Toots & Willie

Tulane Road

Turn 'em On


White Lightning


Wurkin' Overtime

Y'Gotta Walk On

Yippie Yi Aye

You Gotta Ride

I have been choreographing line dances since 1996. Burlesque (my #1 favorite dance) was on the top of the charts worldwide in 2011 and has a Tango style. It was choreographed to the song "Welcome to Burlesque" sung by Cher in the movie Burlesque. In my opinion, the most difficult task in dance choreography is finding great music. It is the music that I can't get out of my head that makes me want to dance.

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